Nearby in central Portugal

Central Portugal is still a relatively unknown area of Portugal. You will find here beautiful nature with mountains, rivers, forests and waterfalls. Perhaps some of the local attractions will pique your interest. Explore the slate village of Piódão and the large waterfalls of Fraga da Pena. Both are in protected areas with stunning natural beauty.

Serra Da Estrela

The Serra da Estrela is mainland Portugal’s highest mountain range. It offers stunning scenery in which to metally reset and experience close contact with nature. This natural park is excellent for trekking, horse-riding or mountain biking. It boasts some 375km of marked trails of varying degrees of difficulty. The mountain villages are filled with quaint local shops where you can sample local cheeses, liquors and cured meats. There is also a spectacular array of locally produced knitwear and leather goods.

Paddling the Mondego

One of Portugal’s most famous canoe descents starts just downstream of Penacova and finishes on a river beach near Coimbra, after 18 or 25 kms of gently moving water.

River beaches

Portugal’s beautiful landscape is laced with meandering rivers and gorgeous river beaches or “praias fluviais” in Portuguese. Where you can enjoy a leasurely swim in the pristine waters that flow down from the Serra de Estrela. There are many river beaches close-by, each with their own charm and beauty.


Thursday: A large weekly market in the town of Arganil features plants, produce and livestock, in addition to gypsy style goods and wares. Arganil is an attractive town with winding streets through historical areas to explore and beautiful park land filled with ancient Pineheiro Manso, the type of pine tree that produced pine nuts! While exploring you can stop at a road-side cafe to drink a coffee in the sunshine, or even indulge in a decadent Portuguese pastry! At the end of the market square you can stop for lunch where the locals cook traditional “frango”, or barbecued chicken. The market is open from 8.00am – 12 noon, with lunch service running much later.

Sunday: A small weekly market in Tabua features stalls selling plants, produce and poultry. In the covered market hall you will find meat, fish, bread, vegetables, fruit and also local cheeses. This market also features a “frango” barbeque, where you can enjoy a traditional meal served in a bustling area at long tables, accompanied by sparkling wine, fries, salad, bread and olives. People travel from the wider local area to enjoy this buzzing social meeting point.


The regal, river-side University city of Coimbra is steeped in history and filled with historic treasures to explore. Discover winding alleys filled with boutique shops and street-side wine bars, often with live Fado music playing. Marvel at the beautifully preserved buildings of the monumental University of Coimbra. Find wonder in the city’s ancient botanical gardens, featuring a giant bamboo forest! Click to discover what there is to see and to do in Coimbra. Read more about activities in the area and what to see in Central Portugal.